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One history. One team. One future.

As the direct legal successor of Termoizolacja S.A. and Izokor Płock S.A., KAEFER celebrated the 75th anniversary of its presence in the Polish market in 2022.

In 1947, by order of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, a branch was established at the Industrial Construction Company in Zabrze.
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KAEFER in Po­land stands on im­press­ive his­tor­ical found­a­tions!
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History of KAEFER in Poland

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What we do

In­dustrial insu­la­tion and bey­ond.


Without heat and cold industrial insulation, you would­n’t be able to eat what you eat and drive what you drive – it’s one of the corner­stones of mod­ern in­dustry and makes the lives we live today pos­sible.

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What we know


Concentrated expertise – for any technical challenge.


You need to look no further to find the support you need to make your projects and visions reality. KAEFER is a company of passionate experts and enthusiasts. That means that the right specialist for your exact requirements is never more than a phone call or message away.

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KAEFER – what may we do for your business?


KAEFER works in a wide variety of industries. From oil, gas, energy and pharmaceuticals to mining, marine and construction, we provide products, systems, solutions and services for clients around the globe.

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Where we are


KAEFER in Poland

Ef­fect­ive Novem­ber 1, 2022, the Com­pany's ad­dress for the headquar­ters of KAEFER S.A. is chan­ging.

New con­tact in­form­a­tion:

KAEFER S.A., ul. Poznańska 21 lok. 48,
00-685 Warsaw
T: +48 32 277 75 20



21 Poznańska Street, 48,
00-685 Warsaw, Poland
T: +48 32 277 75 20
E-mail: [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]


Office in Zabrze:

6 Padlewskiego Street
41-800 Zabrze
Phone: +48 32 277 75 00
Fax: +48 32 271 38 38

Other locations


Subsidiary company:


1 Zakładowa Street
97-427 Rogowiec, Poland
Phone: + 48 44 7351677
Fax: + 48 44 7374520
E-mail: [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript]


E-mail: [Bitte aktivieren Sie Javascript] 
Phone: +48 666 839 193


Your career



At KAEFER, we thrive on the fact that every individual in our organisation has a unique story to tell.

Not just in terms of their work and career, but also in terms of their background and culture. There’s a different face behind every story.

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